Group news

(GG=Greener Group!)

Congratulations to Francois for his sucessful defense of his Ph.D. thesis "Méthodes spectroscopiques et optiques pour le suivi de la croissance des biofilms en milieu microfluidique"!

Mehran and Pouyan have their paper "Microstructured anodes by surface wrinkling for studies of direct electron transfer biofilms in microbial fuel cells" accepted to Advanced Materials Interfaces!

Mohammad Pousti has his paper "Altered biofilm formation at a plasma bonded attenuated total reflection element in a microfluidic flow cell" accepted to Surface Science!

Congratulations to 2018 summer intern Kimberly Côté-Vertefeuille for being awarded a bursary from to study the chemical and mechanical properties of bacterial biofilms.

Congratulations to Farnaz for her Biomicrofluidics paper on the effects of bubbles on biofilm development and the successful completion of her masters thesis!

Congratulations to Pouyan and François for their 2017 paper in Langmuir on hydrodynamic effect on biofilm anchoring surface. The article has been selected for the Langmuir Journal Club.

GG welcomes Tianyang (Dirk) Deng, Mohammad Tanver Rahman and CSC supported student Lingling Gong!

Congratulations to Mazeyar and Pouyan on their 2016 paper in Biomicrofluidics on biofilm mechanical properties.

Past and present GG members Mohammad and Safdar team up with FlowJEM for a new 2016 paper in Sensors on a new microfluidic fabrication method.

Francois, Mazeyar and Julien's 2016 paper is accepted to Lab on a Chip on a real-time measurements of biofilm viscosity. Did we just discover a new biofilm growth phase?

Congratulations to Adnane for his 2016 paper in Sensors on plug and play lab-on-a-chip. 

Congratulations to Mazeyar for his 2016 paper in Lab on a Chip on pH imaging of biofilms in microchannels. 

Congratulations to Adnane, Arnaud and Mehran for their 2016 paper in Lab on a chip on a new "electrochemical imaging in microfluidics".

Congratulations to Mazeyar and Julien for their 2015 paper in Biomicrofliuidics: "Live-streaming: Time-lapse video evidence of novel streamer formation mechanism and varying viscosity"

GG preparing 5 lectures at the 2015 CSC conference in Ottawa.

GG welcomes Arnaud Reitz (Master's student from France) and Sabrina Farch (doctoral student from Algeria) to our group for an internship. Good luck!

GG welcomes new PhD student Muhammad Pousti who will be developing spectral imaging by ATR-FTIR to study biocatalysis of new biomaterials.

Congratulations to former Master's student, Nahid Babaei for getting a job with Endoceutics in Québec!



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