Group news

(GG=Greener Group!)

GG preparing 5 lectures at the 2015 CSC conference in Ottawa.

GG welcomes Arnaud Reitz (Master's student from France) and Sabrina Farch (doctoral student from Algeria) to our group for an internship. Good luck!

GG welcomes new PhD student Muhammad Pousti who will be developing spectral imaging by ATR-FTIR to study biocatalysis of new biomaterials.

Congratulations to former Master's student, Nahid Babaei for getting a job with Endoceutics in Québec!

Welcome Eya Mejri a new Master's student with a prestigious scholarship for international students.

Congratulations to Pouyan for his great job in his predoctoral exam.

Welcome to our new postdoc, Mazeyar Parvinzadeh Gashti, who is working on blood capillaries and pH imaging in microchannels.

Congratulations to Nahid Babaei Aznaveh for her very nice 6100 seminar presentation and Master's thesis!

NSERC Discovery funding awarded for a new research program: "Synthesis, study and optimization of programmable biofilms for catalysis and waste water remediation"

Congratulations to François Paquet-Mercier for his excellent pre-doctoral exam performance and award nomination!

Congratulations to Nahid and Safdar for their paper in Lab on a Chip on biofilm patterning by flow templating!

Congratulations Muhammad Safdar, who was awarded the Young Scientist Award from the Finnish Chemical Society for his Master's work!

GG Proud to announce success in major CFI grant to build a new laboratory for synthesis and advanced characterization of new bio/nano catalysts for energy and waste water treatment!

Thanks to Québec's province-wide materials institute CQMF for joint funding with F. Kleitz & I. Marcotte to use microflluidics nanoscience to develop anti-fouling surfaces.

GG looking for a first year student to conduct an internship. Candidate should be eligible and willing to apply for an NSERC scholarship.

Merci à CERMA for a grant with Freddy Kleitz to study smart anti-fouling surfaces!

GG welcomes Adnane Kara, to the group. Adnane's is an expert in microfab of elecroactive surfaces. Welcome!

GG welcomes 4 new international interns in February 2014. 

See our open access paper in Sensors on SERS in microchannels for imaging patterns of biofilm precursor materials.

Jean-Nicolas wins first place in undergraduate presentations at the Symposium Annuel de Chimie Inorganique du Québec (SACIQ). Congratulations!

Congratulations François, Nahid and Safdar for their accepted work in European Cells and Materials!

GG Awarded Princeton Research-Gamble Tech. Research Innovation Award for novel electrochemical studies in microchannels!

Congratulations François for winning the ICASS graduate student award for his excellent abstract to this years conference!

Thank you to all for making the CSC 2013 a memorable success! The microfluidics session thanks invited speakers Daniel Chiu, David Weitz, Eugenia Kumacheva and Xinyu Liu, and McBryde Award winner Aaron Wheeler for their excellent contributions!

Merci à Québec: GG awarded FRQNT to undertake studies into functional biofilm materials. 

Jesse Greener recognized as an innovator innovator by CMC Microsystems for his role in the Canadian microfluidcs startup FlowJEM

Biofilms dans un micro canal

Our group is contributing to the scientific revolution that aims to minimize negative environmental impacts of anthropogenic emissions. Our goals of doing more with less are facilitated by new technologies for studying microscale chemistry.

Our specific research directions include: (i) development of new microscale-compatible spectroscopic methods, (ii) synthesis of catalytic biomaterials, and (iii) high-precision micro-scale chemistry with energy and environmental applications. To facilitate this work, our group develops and uses state-of-the-art tools in microfluidics, spectroscopy, electrochemistry and nanoscience.

We are located at Laval University, Canada's oldest university, in the traditionally strong and innovative chemistry department. We are always looking for highly qualified and motivated students and research professionals who have demonstrated their excellence through academic publications and external funding.

We are proud to be members of the following strategic research initiatives: Nano Ulaval, Québec Centre for Functional Materials (CQMF), Centre for Advanced Materials Research at Laval (CERMA), Biophysical Society of Canada (BSC), Central Hospital of Québec Research Centre (CHUQ) and Institute for Biomaterials and Bioengineering (iBiomat).

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New positions available: Positions available immediately for Doctoral and M.Sc. students for a multi-disciplinary project to engineer living blood capillaries using microfluidics. For more details, read the announcement here.

New article: See our new Fast Track manuscript published in Biomicrofluidics, 2015, 9, 041101:  Live-streaming: Time-lapse video evidence of novel streamer formation mechanism and varying viscosity.

Enineering biofilms: See our Lab on a Chip to learn more about how we engineer biofilm to do our bidding: Micropatterned biofilm formations by laminar flow-templating.

Thanks to all the participants to Laval's first annual microfluidics symposium. Special thanks to Professor David Juncker for his invited lecture.

Halifax was the site of another successful ICASS meeting. Professor Greener warmly thanks all participants to the session on micro/nano imaging of biological and materials. In addition, the first Advanced imaging workshop was successfully added to the conference. Click here for a copy of the power point presentation.

See our contribution "Polymerization in microfluidic channels" in the new book: "Microreactors in Preparative Chemistry: Practical Aspects in Bioprocessing, Nanotechnology, Catalysis and more". Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2013